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Michael Hodges is an American speculative fiction writer. His debut novel, The Puller, was released on April 24, 2015. Film rights for The Puller were purchased by Sonny Mallhi, producer of the horror classic The Strangers. Foreign publishing rights were purchased by Luzifer Verlag, and The Puller was translated and released in Germany. His latest novel is The Invasive 2: Remnants, a science fiction novel about alien ecosystem replacement in Montana. The Invasive is an Amazon best-seller, and audio rights were purchased by Tantor Media. Michael’s short stories have been published in over twenty magazines and anthologies, and he’s a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

He’s also taught a writing panel with Game of Thrones editor Anne Groell.

Along with writing fiction, Hodges is a professional nature photographer, with work appearing in Outside Magazine (Best Adventure Photography of the Year) and newspapers, amongst other places. Animals often play a big role in his fiction, and the two art forms feed each other.


“The Puller” – Debut novel, 2015. Out now

“Black Friday” – 2017. Out now

“The Invasive” – 2016. Out now

“The Last Colossus” – 2017. Out now


“Glass Eye Pines” – Perihelion Science Fiction

“Geiter” – Perihelion Science Fiction – January 2014

“Divinity” – Perihelion Science Fiction – May 2014

“Lost Planes, Lost River” – Perihelion Science Fiction – January 2014

“9 Steps from Door 9″ – Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume IV – January 2014

“Hydra” – AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review – November 2013

“Swampy Transitions” – Plasma Frequency Magazine – December 2013

“Carillion’s Schemes” – Perihelion Science Fiction – October 2013

“Fletcher’s Mountains” – Perihelion Science Fiction – June, 2013

“Lost Branch of the Silver” – Bards and Sages Quarterly – October 2013

“Uncommon Ally” – Penumbra Magazine – May 2013

“Krieger” – Interstellar Fiction – April 2013

“Seven Fish for Sarah” – Penumbra Magazine December 2012.

“Storm Fronts” – The Old, Weird South Anthology December 2012.

“From the Mountain, Fury” – Bards and Sages Quarterly, January 2013.

“Grangy” – AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review October 2012

“Frequencies” – Plasma Frequency Magazine August 2012.

“Street Lamps and Carbaryl” – Bards and Sages Quarterly April 2012.

“Big, Blue Steel” – Sparks Fantasy Anthology February 2012.

“Window of Jacob” – Big Book of New Short Horror September 2011.

“The Believers” – America the Horrific Anthology 2011.

“The Watcher in the Corner” – Something Wicked Magazine October 2011.

“The Red Aspen” – Ghostlight Magazine September 2011.

“Shiners” – Dead Bait 2 Anthology with Ramsey Campbell, James Robert Smith, and Steve Alten 2011.

2 thoughts on “About Michael

  1. I wasn’t sure how Matt was going to make it out…clues were dropped throughout the book…I absolutely could not put this book down…more please!

  2. Thank you Pat! I love receiving reader feedback and I’m thrilled you enjoyed The Puller.

    Glad you caught the little clues.

    As far as “more”, stay tuned for new novel news…

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