Tree Line and the Bram Stoker Award Recommendation List

Hey everyone,

This year I released my first short fiction collection, “The Gloaming”, which made it onto the Stoker Award Reading List along with my novel “Black Friday” and my short story “Tree Line”. Because of that I’ve decided to make “Tree Line” available to read here, for free to HWA members, or anyone else who enjoys short, experimental fiction.




Tree Line


11 p.m. says the watch of my dead son.


The darker it grows, the closer the forest things creep.


But I have light. A single, crusty bulb hanging from the ceiling of this logging shack. It is the only thing keeping them at bay. The bulb is powered by a windmill generator in an orchard, ten acres carved from a million of dusky boreal forest. Julip Camp is hike-in only. The waist-high orchard grass that surrounds it kneels in the breeze. When there is a breeze. And light.

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The 2017 Nebula Award Reading Suggestion List

My dark thriller “Black Friday” is on the 2017 Nebula Award Reading Suggestion List. And since it is, I’m offering free review copies in .pdf, .mobi, and .doc to members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Hit me up at and I’d be happy to send one your way.

“Black Friday” is a dark science fiction thriller, as well as diverse fiction (black protagonist surrounded by strong female characters) that explores capitalism, materialism, and race relations.

A summary/review, below.

Also, my first short fiction collection was released this year, called “The Gloaming”. It contains sixteen science fiction and horror tales, examining our potential future as a species. More than half of the stories were previously published in pro and semi-pro magazines. I feel the strongest stories within the collection are “Fletcher’s Mountains”, “Lost Planes, Lost River”, “Gudmund’s Wolf”, “For You, the River”, and “Divinity”.

Black Friday is a glorious work of literature. The characters live and love and breathe and think and speak. They are visceral entities with powerful backstories and fallible moral compasses. Hodges’ characterization takes these human beings by the hand and forces them to evolve into spectacular shadows of their former selves. He uses exquisite prose to carve out detailed thoughts and emotions.

HWA Bram Stoker Award Recommendations

Three of my stories are on the 2017 Bram Stoker Award Recommendation List: “Black Friday” in the novel category, “Tree Line” in the short fiction category, and “The Gloaming” in the fiction collection category. Weird to be on that with Stephen King and David Lynch, to say the least.

I’m offering review copies of all three stories to any interested members of the Horror Writers Association.

I’ll also have some other cool, top secret writing news coming up.


– Michael

Redwood National Park campsite

Anyone who reads this website, or my novels knows I’m a huge fan of the outdoors, especially camping. While hotels can be great, nothing is better than a remote campsite on public land. Usually, these sites have the best location, and are unburdened by crowds.

This particular site was in Redwood National Park. My girlfriend Rachel and I literally had the entire beach to ourselves. A perfect campsite nestled between the Pacific, and groves of ancient redwoods.

California never ceases to amaze me. And I live in Montana, so that’s saying something.

Campsite, with miles of empty beach in Redwood National Park.

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