Cover reveal for The Last Colossus

Novel #4.

It’s a diverse novel about the last megalodon, a species thought to have gone extinct due to cooling oceans.

It’s also about sex, death, partying, youth, the loss of family, and the significance of polarity. But most of all, it’s just fun.

The “Last Colossus”, is not just a reference to the megalodon, but also towards Ron Combs, the protagonist.

It’s an important novel for me for several reasons. First, I moved to Missoula two and a half years ago with a Hollywood movie deal in my pocket (my debut novel), and subsequently developed writer’s block. For a hell of a long time.

This novel thankfully represents a turn away from that and back towards the creative aspect of what I do. And I’m thrilled. It took me a year to write this one, the longest it’s ever taken me to craft a novel. But the trench warfare was necessary. It’s the first novel, from first word to last, crafted in Missoula.

The Last Colossus by Michael Hodges

Horror Novel Reviews has nice things to say about Black Friday


Black Friday is a glorious work of literature.

I know we’re only three months into 2017, but I can undoubtedly state that Black Friday is one of the best novels of the year. As a critic, I commend Hodges, and as a writer, I thank him for not adhering to the cookie-cutter genre tropes which befall so many other novels.
Black Friday is the best damn thing since sliced bread and a definite must-read.


Check out the full review here.


My twisted new science fiction novel, BLACK FRIDAY is out now in paperback and Ebook. I’ve included the opening chapter in this post.


– Michael

Patricia Sundstrom wanted it. No, she didn’t want it, she needed it. All the coupon sites were pointing her to the SaveRite waffle iron. She maneuvered through the slog of webpages with purpose, her breath quickening as she glanced over each deal. Hordes of online shoppers posted in sales threads on the forums, exclamation! points! after! every! word! Her favorite social media sites pinged her with sales updates. Sweat peppered her upper lip and forehead as she clicked away. Her Altec Lansing computer speakers she nabbed last spring from Quick Steal at fifty percent off beeped. Fresh email. She clicked the message, delighted to see it was from her friend Nancy. Even more special was the subject line: SALE! SALE!
Nancy was a great bargain hunter. In a way, Patricia was envious because Nancy had a knack for finding local deals—ones they could drive to, unlike the online experience. She could find all sorts of goodies at garage sales, and even managed to rouse deals from stingy shop owners.

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