Lolo Peak fire, August 16th

Taken from my house, around 8 pm. We’re going through a wicked fire season here in western Montana, trigged by a record-setting fifty days of no measurable rain.

Currently, there are evacuations for parts of Lolo and Florence.

In any season, Montana brings challenges. It is still however, the most beautiful place in the world.

The Lolo Peak fire in Montana, taken from my front yard, ten minutes ago. This is the new reality of Montana in August.

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Lake in the Bitterroot National Forest

This image was taken in the magnificent Bitteroot National Forest, in early July. This is important because the drought started around that time, and then the first fires erupted midway through July. This place does not look quite the same, and we need rain here in Montana. Still beautiful, however.

Bitterroot National Forest. #keepitwild

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Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

In early June, my girlfriend Rachel and I had the privilege of camping for a night at Two Medicine, in Glacier National Park. There’s something about this area that makes it my favorite in Glacier, and perhaps my favorite in the world. We hiked, photographed nature, and eventually rented a boat.

Much of my fiction is influenced by the natural world, and Two Medicine is one of the chief points of inspiration. It was a good day.

Two Medicine

The Milky Way

This image was taken on July 26th, 1 am atop Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. I had the place to myself, as the Milky Way shimmered overhead, and cool winds relaxed me from the hot day.

I thought of my grandmother, who recently passed. And I thought of all life, and how we’re here for such a short time.