Novel # 3, Black Friday is out

I’m thrilled to report that my latest novel, Black Friday is in the wild.

Log line:

A kleptomaniac, an unemployed IT guy, a shopaholic, and a meth dealer are trapped inside a Chicago supermall on Black Friday by alien forces.

Sometimes a good sale just isn’t worth it.

Think The Mist meets the Breakfast Club, combined with my style of “trapped” situations. You can check out the Ebook and paperback at this link.


The Invasive has been accepted by BookBub

Hey everyone, I’m thrilled to report that The Invasive has been accepted by BookBub for February 12th. If you like weird animals and science fiction action, it might be a good time to check out the novel!

A little bit about BookBub:

BookBub features ebooks ranging from top-tier publishers to critically acclaimed independent authors. Our team of experts makes sure that we’re only featuring great deals on quality books that you’ll love.

Writing news, appearances, etc

I had a great time at the Montana Book Festival! It was an honor to be back, and I was thrilled to meet so many cool authors.

In other writing news, The Invasive remains an Amazon best seller, which is obviously great news. I have a reading at Fact and Fiction in Missoula October 12th, and a brand new agent (Layne Heymont of Tobias Literary). Things are very interesting right now to say the least. But I will have new novels out soon. And even cooler, it’s a series. I’ve had this project up my sleeve for a long time now, and it’s about to be unleashed (muahaha). If you enjoyed The Puller and The Invasive, you should enjoy the Raven Eyes series.


– Michael michael-hodges-author-car