HWA Bram Stoker Award Recommendations

Three of my stories are on the 2017 Bram Stoker Award Recommendation List: “Black Friday” in the novel category, “Tree Line” in the short fiction category, and “The Gloaming” in the fiction collection category. Weird to be on that with Stephen King and David Lynch, to say the least.

I’m offering review copies of all three stories to any interested members of the Horror Writers Association.

I’ll also have some other cool, top secret writing news coming up.


– Michael

Black Friday is on sale

99¢ at Amazon for the next five days….


There is something remarkable about this book, and it’s not just Hodges’ writing style that gives it that edge. It’s not often that I connect with characters on a quasi-meta level, but Hodges’ dialogue and descriptive idiosyncrasies sent chills down my spine and made me actually listen to what the characters had to say. He is a masterful author who possesses the rare ability to allow the reader to forgive and forget the characters’ shortcomings.

The Invasive 2: Remnants is out

Hey everyone,

Things are crazy out here in western Montana. Fires are blowing up all over the place. There is good news, however. “The Invasive 2: Remnants” is out! The novel once again takes place in Montana, and features the same cast of characters from the popular “The Invasive”. I had a lot of fun writing the sequel, and I’m glad it’s finally out.

You can grab a copy of the novel here.


– Michael