The ten greatest albums of all time

1. Animals – Pink Floyd 1977

After the chart-breaking success of Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd released two experimental albums (Wish You Were Here and Animals) with multiple songs over ten minutes in length, basically telling radio to blow.

No rock record has held its political and ambient relevance as Animals has. While his peers were busy trashing hotel rooms and hanging with groupies, Waters was seeing in razor-vision the coming moral and political decline.

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Black Friday

Black Friday the novel smaller image

A kleptomaniac, unemployed IT guy, a shopaholic, and a deranged drug dealer are trapped inside a Chicago mall on Black Friday by mysterious forces.

I know we’re only three months into 2017, but I can undoubtedly state that Black Friday is one of the best novels of the year. As a critic, I commend Hodges, and as a writer, I thank him for not adhering to the cookie-cutter genre tropes which befall so many other novels.

Black Friday is the best damn thing since sliced bread and a definite must-read.

5/5 stars. – Horror Novel Reviews

You can pick up a copy of Black Friday here.

Bram Stoker Award Recommendations List: Black Friday

Hey everyone,

It looks like The Horror Writer’s Association has their 2017 Bram Stoker Award Recommendations List up. On it, you’ll find my novel BLACK FRIDAY, along with novels like BORNE by Jeff VanderMeer and MONSTROSITY by Tim Curran.

It’s nice to be on the list.

If you have not checked out BLACK FRIDAY yet, it’s now out (and soon to be an audiobook).

Newsletter giveaway: The Gloaming

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