Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park

I was fortunate enough to get up to Glacier National Park with my girlfriend last week. I thought I’d share a photo of “Trick Falls” more commonly known as Running Eagle Falls.

If you look closely, you’ll see two falls, an upper, and a hidden underground falls. I’ve been all over the lower 48, and Glacier has no peer.

REF has nice things to say about The Invasive audiobook.

I’m happy that The Invasive continues to be enjoyed by readers, and the success of the novel has merited The Invasive: Remnants, which will be published shortly.

You can check out what Audio Audits has to say at this link.

The Invasive is a unique sci-fi, it’s definitely a different twist on the usual alien invasion story. While there is plenty of action and suspense, the parts that I found most interesting were the interactions between Bishop and his feisty wife Angela and the eventual somewhat reluctant bond between the two and Colbrick.


I’m a camping nut.

You could park a Ferrari in front of me, and I’d yawn. But show me a quality tent, and a fine headlamp, and I’m excited as hell.

Two of my favorite campgrounds are in Glacier National Park. Another in Olympic National Park, and another in Redwood National Park. The last campground, and perhaps my favorite of all is within the Gallatin National Forest of Montana. I had not been to this campground in almost two years, and when I arrived, my favorite site had seen a few changes….

Falls Creek 4

A windstorm knocked a tree down and crushed the concrete picnic table. Trust me, this table was useful. And I suppose I could still cook on it.

lol firewood

Here, my girlfriend Rachel poses after chopping firewood for the evening. Actually, that’s the work of the U.S. Forest Service, cleaning up the downed trees. Still impressive when you consider these trees are old growth specimens.

There’s a saying in real estate: “location, location, location”. Well, with a good tent, you always have the best location on our public lands. There’s something about camping in the open spaces, listening to a nearby stream as you drift off, or the wind in the pines that connects me not only to our ecosystem, but all ecosystems across the void.

As always, keep it wild, and keep it public.