The Gloaming: Out now

I’m happy to announce that my first collection of short stories, THE GLOAMING is out now.

You can pick up a copy at this link.

A good chunk of these stories were published in an array of science fiction/horror anthologies and magazines, which earned me a spot in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and HWA. But there are also brand new stories packed in, like “Tree Line”, “The Hesher”, “Gudmund’s Wolf”, and “For You, the River”.

All of the stories reflect apocalyptic and/or First Contact themes.

Fletcher’s Mountains: A man travels cross-country, post-oil and WW III, in search of his old friend’s cabin in the Montana mountains. But someone is following him….

Lost Planes, Lost River: Cessna’s belonging to the Wildlife Service keep disappearing as the Service attempts to kill a wolf pack for livestock depredation. The FBI is called to investigate.

Geiter: A group of villagers hunts a legendary hybrid grizzly bear, only to find the legend not quite what they thought.

Hydra: A top scientist discovers a way to extend the human life span by decades, but grapples with the reality humans will be the only species left on the planet if implemented.

Grangy: A disabled man befriends a bizarre woodland creature.

Divinity: A college study on planet Divinity reveals a strange new species, but not all is as it seems….

Uncommon Ally: After meteors wipe out most of mankind, the meteors that crashed into the ocean infect the seas with invasive species. A young rebel snipes the invasive’s from shore, and finds an uncommon ally in the great white shark.

Standing Bear Silhouette Stencil

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