The Gloaming – a collection of 16 organic tales

I’m happy to report that my first collection of short stories, THE GLOAMING will be published next week.

A good chunk of these stories were published in a wide array of science fiction anthologies and magazines, which earned me a spot in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. But there are also brand new stories sprinkled in, like “Tree Line”, “The Hesher”, “Gudmund’s Wolf”, and “For You, the River”.

All of the stories reflect apocalyptic and/or First Contact themes. My favorites might be “Fletcher’s Mountains” and “Lost Planes, Lost River”. The latter is about a pack of wolves in a central Idaho mountain range, targeted for extermination by a state wildlife agency. But the agency runs into resistance in the form of a strange presence that has bonded with the pack high up in the Lost River Range.


– Michael

Standing Bear Silhouette Stencil

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