Chicago to Big Sky

Today marks my two year anniversary of living in Missoula.
At the time, I had just finished filming in Glacier National Park, and set up “camp” at the Wingate hotel, lol. I’d just launched my debut novel so I was feeling free despite enduring a polar vortex, with wind chills down to – 60 in parts of Montana. The plan was to head back to Chicago after the storm.

I never did.

Instead, I hit up Craigslist and checked out a condo up in the South Hills. I plunked down some cash, and stayed.

I didn’t know anyone. But soon, I met great people…perhaps the friendliest I’ve ever known.

There’s a song by the artist Grizzly Bear that contains this lyric:

Silver and silent rushing on
Endless abundance overflows
Always surround you, always glows

That’s how I feel every morning in Montana. A land where the pavement ends. Where the strip malls end. Where rows of houses end.

It’s been an amazing two years. I hope to see more.


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