Geiter – Perihelion Science Fiction

I’m happy to report that my latest short story, “Geiter” has been picked up by Perihelion Science Fiction. “Geiter” features a misunderstood hybrid bear, and explores how herd mentality can cloud judgement.

To be honest, I’ve stopped writing short stories this year in order to focus entirely on novels, but I’m pleased to be back on board with Perihelion, a magazine I truly enjoy.

Also, there will be THE PULLER news soon. The big kind.

The Puller pre-order and release date

I’ve been getting emails and IMs from people on Facebook asking about THE PULLER release dates.

THE PULLER will be out relatively soon, with a pre-order around the corner.

That said, there is other news concerning the novel, news that I can’t reveal in any specificity right now, but interesting news nonetheless. You’ll know soon enough.

I’ve been blown away by early reader feedback so far, and other events triggered by the novel. THE PULLER has always been my baby, and I’m glad it will be released soon.



The Puller

I’m happy to report that my novel, The Puller has been picked up for publication. I’d like to thank FinePrint Literary and my agent, Laura Wood. Also, a big thanks to Gary Lucas at Severed Press. And finally, a huge thank you to Sarah Welsh. The Puller would not be possible without her. Thanks, Sarah.

I first started writing The Puller in 1995. It was originally conceived as a short story, and was accepted for a Northwoods ghost anthology by the now defunct Northward Press. However, the story never saw publication. Northward Press was bought out, and the project cancelled. 15 years later, I grew the story into a 97,000 word novel. The Puller was difficult for me on several levels, most of which I won’t get into here. Writing the story was me saying goodbye to my past, and to a landscape I might never see again.

On September 14, 2014, a young Matthew Kearns arrived at a remote cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The plan was to mourn the loss of his father, and figure out his life.

Now he’s fighting for it.

An invisible creature has him trapped. Every time Matt tries to flee, he’s dragged backwards by an unseen force. Turns out the creature is letting him have ten acres to roam. How generous.

Look for pre-order details soon.





Hey everyone, I want to apologize for the comment box issues the past year. I was alerted to the problem from a kind friend this evening. For a year I’d been receiving blank comment notifications in my email. I assumed these were spam comments.

They were not.

It turns out the database was corrupt. After a database repair this evening. all comments have been restored as well as comment function.

Again, sorry for the frustration and thanks for stopping by!

There’s exciting news coming (like, a day or two), so stick around.



Top 10 gifts for the writer in your life

The holidays are slowly approaching. Halloween is by far the best, but we won’t get into that here. With that in mind, let’s take a look at choice gifts for the writer in your life.

Now, I’m not insinuating that I personally want any of these things. That would be greedy and wrong. ;)

10. Netflix subscription. Writers often have odd schedules. I’m one of them. I also don’t watch a lot of television. So when I do, I like to pick and choose. The no-commerical status of Netlifx preserves the mind and soul, too. This is a great way to unwind from constant reading and research.

9. A Kindle or Nook. Hardcover purists would scoff at this, but you can fit a hell of a lot of books onto one.
Furthermore, Kindle/Nooks are the perfect device for those with slight and not-so-slight OCD tendencies (clutter). I prefer the older E-ink versions to the Fire.

8. A gas card. Eventually, even writers need to go outside. Hopefully it’s someplace beautiful and not the local strip mall. Road trips feed the imagination.

7. Vicodin. These good-time super pills will have your beloved writer shedding manuscripts like leaves from an October maple. Aches and pains interfering with your immersion? Gone. Normally tired after 2,000 words. Ha! Let’s go another 2k, pardner’. Pick and choose your spots, though, or these little white devils will have your ass faster than you can delete a form rejection.

6. Red Bull/Green Tea/Coffee. Yes. I know some prefer chocolate, but as writers we spend way too much time sitting on our ass, so low-cal boosts are superior.

5. Music. Lots of music. Check Rate Your Music for exceptional (and quite possibly definitive) all-time and year-end lists.

4. Something to play music. An iPod. Or Neil Young’s new Pono player. Even better, a CD player and head unit that plays actual CD’s. Or vinyl.

3. Microsoft Word. It’s still the best.

2. Final Draft. For the screenwriter in your life.

1. A real computer monitor. Too many writers are stuck using 13 inch TN panel laptops. TN panels do not have a stable image. Even moving your head an inch causes severe color shift and contrast issues. Some writers even use iPads (a true horror story). No. Just no. Do your favorite writer a favor and splurge on a decent IPS panel. I recommend the Asus PA248Q. The Asus comes calibrated from the factory, has no viewing angle issues, and even connects to most laptops via HDMI and DVI.