THE PULLER is alive

My debut novel, THE PULLER is now up on Amazon, in Kindle and Paperback format. Click here to order the paperback….and click here to order the Kindle version.

I’m thrilled that this piece is finally out. It’s been years in the making. I started THE PULLER as a short story many years ago. I came back to it after realizing Matthew Kearns had much more to say and do.

Quite simply, THE PULLER is a story about being trapped. Most of us have been there in one form or another, hemmed in by forces outside of our control. It’s much the same way an animal feels when confined to a poacher’s trap. Every time the animal tries to flee, it’s yanked back again and again. The same can be said for Matthew Kearns in THE PULLER.

I hope my readers enjoy it. Of all the novels I’ve written, this was the hardest to write and edit. But it’s also the one I’m closest to.

Stay tuned for more PULLER news. It’s going to get interesting….

THE PULLER approaches…

Expect my debut novel, THE PULLER to be released very soon. Accompanying the release will be additional Puller-related news.

THE PULLER mushroomed from my first speculative fiction story. Initially the piece was only several thousand words, but the story called out to me repeatedly to expand. I’ve been blown away by early feedback so far, and I hope this translates once I release my baby into the wild (maybe the wilds of Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula?). I’ve always held this story close to my chest, and it’s going to be hard to let go. But let go I must.

Stay tuned for purchase information, and big news….

The Mission Mountains

Okay, I admit it: I’ve become horribly spoiled since moving to Missoula from Chicago. This scene, which I filmed yesterday is a mere 40 minutes from my town home in the South Hills.

Missions - alternate

This is unprecedented for me. Sure, I’m used to camping for weeks at a time in the Rockies, but to actually live there, wake up one morning and decide to visit a place like this is simply not possible in Chicagoland.

The Mission Mountains are perhaps the most majestic range in the Rockies. While not the tallest mountains (McDonald Peak tops out at 9,820 feet), the valley-to-peak ratio is almost 7,000 feet…and no foothills. Few ranges in the lower 48 can compete with this.

Not only are the Missions stunning, but they boast a rich tapestry of megafauna like grizzly bears, wolverine, and lynx (although trappers are doing their best to hammer the wolverine and lynx populations).

I did not want to leave this scene. At all. However, I was comforted by the fact that yeah, I now live here. I guess, deep inside, this has always been my home. But now my body rises and sleeps beneath the peaks.


Stay tuned for a writing update. It’s a big one.

The King is Rising

As my readers know, occasionally I’ll post wildlife photos here since much of my work contains animals. My debut novel THE PULLER features moose, in a rather creepy way (the poor buggers).

This gigantic moose was filmed in Glacier National Park. He did not have to worry about a stealth creature, only a pesky photographer.

The usually calm lake was choppy, almost like an ocean. I had to position myself flat on my stomach on the rocky shore, with the wind in my face.

The moose was looking right at me.

I was freezing. He didn’t care at all.

Moose Rising

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