Lunar eclipse or “Blood Moon”

blood Moon and stars

The universe is a pretty amazing place, isn’t it? Every once in awhile, the sky clears above Chicagoland, sweeping away the smog and pesticide haze. Usually it’s the cold weather that does it. This photo would not have been possible if the temperature did no plummet that evening. The best part about solar events is that for one evening, everyone forgets about their daily paths and stares up in wonder collectively at all that is, and all that will ever be. There’s something sweet and humbling about that.

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Animals Fleeing Yellowstone National Park? No.

Don’t fall for it. What you’re clicking on is known as “link bait”. It’s a clever (or not so clever depending on how you look at it) way to trick you into visiting web sites by clicking links. Even professional news organizations are starting to implement these schemes.

Animals are not leaving Yellowstone. In fact, in the viral footage, the bison are actually entering the park. Besides, they use the roads every day. This is nothing new.

Yes, if the Yellowstone super volcano explores, we’re all screwed. The effects would be nothing like we’ve ever seen before. It’s a very real and serious concern. However, don’t be taken in by sensationalistic elements.

You might be surprised to learn that a certain animal is heading to Yellowstone National Park: the osprey. Fresh from their wintering grounds in South America, the ospreys should begin making their way at any moment back to the shores and lakes of the north country. They have great taste in where they build nests and breed.

osprey flight

Welcome back, weary travelers.