Media events

It’s been an amazing writing-related week. On Friday, The Missoulian ran an extensive article on THE PULLER and my writing. On Sunday I was thrilled to teach a writing panel with Game of Thrones editor Anne Groell.  And this week, I have two signings. The first is a reading/signing at Shakespeare Books in Missoula, 7 pm.  The second is a 1-4 pm stint at Hastings in Missoula.


THE PULLER movie option

Hey friends, I’ve known about this news since Halloween, so it’s great to finally spill:

My debut novel, THE PULLER, has been optioned by Hollywood for a movie. I want to thank the extremely talented Sonny Mallhi ( “The Strangers” with Liv Tyler, “House at the End of the Street” with Jennifer Lawrence, “The Lake House” with Sandra Bullock) for his interest in my debut.

Sonny is an amazing producer and I have no doubt he’s going to make THE PULLER shine on the big screen. I also want to thank my agent, Laura Wood, film agent Susan Schulman (The English Patient), Sarah Welsh, and Alex Kane.

I’m thrilled that the harrowing story of Matt Kearns will be translated to the big screen. It seems Matt always has more to say.

THE PULLER is available on Amazon now. Click here to order.

THE PULLER is alive

My debut novel, THE PULLER is now up on Amazon, in Kindle and Paperback format. Click here to order the paperback….and click here to order the Kindle version.

I’m thrilled that this piece is finally out. It’s been years in the making. I started THE PULLER as a short story many years ago. I came back to it after realizing Matthew Kearns had much more to say and do.

Quite simply, THE PULLER is a story about being trapped. Most of us have been there in one form or another, hemmed in by forces outside of our control. It’s much the same way an animal feels when confined to a poacher’s trap. Every time the animal tries to flee, it’s yanked back again and again. The same can be said for Matthew Kearns in THE PULLER.

I hope my readers enjoy it. Of all the novels I’ve written, this was the hardest to write and edit. But it’s also the one I’m closest to.

Stay tuned for more PULLER news. It’s going to get interesting….

THE PULLER approaches…

Expect my debut novel, THE PULLER to be released very soon. Accompanying the release will be additional Puller-related news.

THE PULLER mushroomed from my first speculative fiction story. Initially the piece was only several thousand words, but the story called out to me repeatedly to expand. I’ve been blown away by early feedback so far, and I hope this translates once I release my baby into the wild (maybe the wilds of Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula?). I’ve always held this story close to my chest, and it’s going to be hard to let go. But let go I must.

Stay tuned for purchase information, and big news….