The Puller launches in Germany

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my debut ‪novel‬, THE PULLER has officially launched in Germany today. It’s always been a dream of mine to get a book into the German public.

Thanks to Steffen Janssen, Andreas Schiffmann, and the staff at Luzifer Verlag for their hard work.

By the way, the reason for the title change is that “Puller” is slang in German, lol.

I’m digging the new cover, too:


The Dry Lake

It’s almost been one year since I moved to the great state of Montana.

Living here has always been a dream of mine. I love the space, the majestic variety of megafauna, the forested slopes and the clear streams.

It’s been great for my writing career. I launched my debut novel in the friendly arts town of Missoula, and the media was supportive. Along with the debut novel, I scored a Hollywood movie deal.

However, it hasn’t exactly been good for my writing. While in the Chicago suburbs, I felt the crush of overpopulation, of 10 million people bearing down on me. I saw nothing but endless strip malls and too many cars to count. This crush propelled an anxiousness that produced eight novels…most about trapped people (not surprising).

But Montana removed all that, and therefore my “inspiration”. I don’t feel trapped here. I don’t feel squeezed in. Even on Brooks and Reserve I can see the Lolo National Forest. Lesser national forests are six hours from Chicago. This acts as a release valve, and I don’t feel as compelled to sit down at the keyboard like I used to.

Until now.

This past week, I started a new novel called “Dry Lake”. It’s based in Missoula, as it should be. A long time ago Missoula was an enormous lake, but no more.

Sometimes things come back….

The Montana Book Festival

The ‪Montana‬ Book Festival is approaching, and I’m pleased to be joining top writers from across the country. I’ll be on a panel with Bruce Holsinger (The Invention of Fire), Gavin Kovite (War of the Encyclopaedists), and Christopher Robinson (War of the Encyclopaedists, Salon). The panel is titled, “Raising the Pulse: Writing Violence and Creating Suspense”.

The moderated event takes place Friday, September 11th, 1:30 – 3:00 pm. It’s being held at the Missoula Art Museum.

Stay tuned for “The Puller” movie news, and new novel news.


– Michael

Adjustment to August touring schedule

The swing through the Pacific Northwest has been postponed until late September. Instead, I’ll be heading to Chicago for a local TV appearance regarding The Puller. There’s also personal business as well.

The Puller is also being featured at the Montana Book Festival from September 9-12, and I’ll be involved with some of the activities there. Can’t wait!