Miscon 2016

Hey everyone, I’ll be appearing at Miscon from May 27th to the 30th in downtown Missoula.

I’ll be on a couple panels with great writers, and also participating in an autograph session and reading.

In other news, I have two novels coming out this year, so I’m working hard.

I’ve also been setting up an Instagram account, so swing by and say hello:


THE INVASIVE , official announcement

The official announcement is up at Publisher’s Marketplace this afternoon. I’m thrilled to be releasing THE INVASIVE. A big thanks to my agent Laura Wood, film agent Susan Schulman, and the crew at Fineprint and Severed. Most of THE INVASIVE was written in ‪Montana‬. The ‪novel‬ should be out in the wild soon.


Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author of THE PULLER, Michael Hodges’s THE INVASIVE, in which a couple discovers that invasive species from another planet are taking over their beloved Apex Mountains and with the help of a ‪mountain‬ man, a dog, and native ‪grizzlies‬ and ‪eagles‬, fight to defend their turf, to Gary Lucas at Severed Press, by Laura Wood at FinePrint Literary Management (World English and German).
Translation except German: jacqueline@fineprintlit.com
Film/TV: susan@schulmanagency.com

The Invasive

#Novel‬ 2 is called “The Invasive”, and it will be out this spring. Press release forthcoming, etc.

“The Puller” was the first novel I ever wrote (and short story). “The Invasive” is the second. Apparently they’re going in order.

I wrote much of the novel in various national forest campgrounds across ‪Montana‬ in 2010. Since the novel takes place in Montana, I wanted the writing to be real. So I sat in campgrounds, hoping for my laptop power not to expire while besieged by mosquitoes and black flies.

“The Invasive” is a different novel than “The Puller”. It’s more akin to a lean, modern day thriller, while “The Puller” was experimental and more early King-ish. However, “The Invasive” contains the dark organic elements my work is known for. And yeah, bears. This time grizzly.

Novel #2

I’m happy to reveal that my second novel will be hitting stores this year.

The Puller (which sold to Hollywood and Germany) was the first novel I ever wrote. Novel #2 is the second.

As of now the title is being discussed. Obviously this issue will be settled shortly.

I also want to thank my U.S. and German readers for making 2015 such an awesome year. On top of the film contract, I taught a writing panel with Game of Thrones editor Anne Groell.

Hopefully, 2016 can compare.



Hastings signing, The Puller in Germany

I’m celebrating in the writing office with a friend, cinnamon rolls, and coffee, lol. THE PULLER (or TRAPPED) has reached the top 100 in all three genre categories on Amazon Germany.

A huge thank you to my German‬ readers!

Ein riesiges Dankeschön an meine deutschen Leser!

Also, the signing at Missoula Hastings went fantastic yesterday. It was great meeting so many interesting people. Thank you Missoulians for being so warm.



The Puller book signing 1